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What is Inhuman Conditions?

Inhuman Conditions is a five-minute, two-player game of surreal interrogation and conversational judo, set in the heart of a chilling bureaucracy. It was Kickstarted in the fall of 2018. Each game has one Investigator and one Suspect. Armed only with two stamps and a topic of conversation, the Investigator must figure out whether the Suspect is a Human or a Robot. Robots must answer the Investigator's questions without arousing suspicion, but are hampered by some specific malfunction in their ability to converse. They must be clever, guiding the conversation in subtle ways without getting caught. Humans may speak freely, but may find this freedom as much curse as gift. There are no right or wrong answers, only suspicious and innocuous ones, and one slip of the tongue could land Humans and Robots alike in the Bureau's Invasive Confirmation Unit. There, alongside Investigators who make improper determinations, they will await further testing...

Inhuman Conditions is designed by Tommy Maranges (Secret Hitler, Philosophy Bro) and Cory O'Brien (Myths Retold, Monster Prom) and illustrated by Mackenzie Schubert (Secret Hitler, Letter Tycoon).

Inhuman Conditions is free to play, forever.

Inhuman Conditions is available for free under Creative Commons license BY—NC—SA 4.0.

The investigator says...


Can I make my own version of your game?
Inhuman Conditions is licensed under Creative Commons BY—NC—SA 4.0. That means that if you make your own version of our game, you have to give us credit for the original, you're not allowed to profit from it commercially in any way, and you have to license it under the exact same CC license. You also can't submit anything to an app store or anything like that.
This isn't an exhaustive list, and it's your responsibility to make sure you're not infringing.
I don't live in the US. Can I still buy a copy of the game?
We use Blackbox, which ships games all over the world. Other folks have also found success using international mail forwarders, but we don't know very much about that. Occasionally we restock or otherwise make changes to our international inventory, and when we do we make an announcement to our mailing list. You can sign up above.
How can I get the Secret Hitler Fascist Card?
The crossover card with Secret Hitler was for our backers who had also backed Secret Hitler. We have no plans to offer it, for sale or otherwise. Sorry.
When will the game be more available in our country?
If it isn't available now, or the shipping is prohibitively high, your best bet is to sign up for our mailing list.
What does it look like when the game is being played?
Sometimes we stream the game over on Tommy's Twitch channel. Past streams are archived there.
Do you guys like cops?
No, the main thing about Cops is how Bastards they All Are.